Welcome to 'My Hip Hop Story': The Journey Behind the Book

Hey there! Curious about how 'My Hip Hop Story' came to life? You’re in the right place. This isn’t just any children’s book. It’s a celebration of Hip Hop culture. Crafted to connect with the next generation. Let's break down how we turned a passion for beats and rhymes into a vibrant storytelling experience.

The Birth of an Idea

The journey began as Gil and his wife embraced the joys of parenthood, an inspiration that led him to share his vision for a children’s book. Our initial conversations revolved around the emotions and excitement of their new phase of life. Gil presented the first script and illustrative concepts for what would eventually evolve into “My Hip Hop Story”. These casual conversations soon transitioned into a dedicated plan, setting the foundation for our story.

Sketches, Drafts, and More Sketches

With direction established, Carlos opened his sketchbook and immersed himself in research. Using resources like YouTube and engaging in daily brainstorming sessions, we decided on the number of characters and sculpted a fitting environment for their narratives.

Creating a Consistent Vision: The Style Guide

Uniformity was key. To ensure a consistent look throughout the book, we chose the iPad Pro as our artistic canvas and Procreate as our tool, allowing us to illustrate with precision.

Breathing Life into Characters and Spaces

Utilizing reference images, each character was meticulously crafted with a unique personality. Environments, inspired by our own childhood memories, ranged from classrooms to clubhouses, each designed with a touch of nostalgia.

The Finishing Touch: Typography and Graffiti

The essence of a hip hop themed book demanded special attention to typography. After selecting the ideal font, Gil’s aerosol spray letters graced the cover, encapsulating the vibe of “My Hip Hop Story” and bringing our vision to life. 

Bringing It All Together

Creating 'My Hip Hop Story' was a journey of art, culture and education. We poured our hearts into every page. Hoping to inspire not just a love of reading but a deeper appreciation for the creativity and history of Hip Hop.

Discover the Beat of 'My Hip Hop Story'

Interested in a book that educates and entertains? 'My Hip Hop Story' might just be what you're looking for. Perfect for young readers and parents alike. This book invites you to explore the beats and rhymes of Hip Hop in a whole new way.

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