A decade ago, fueled by an insatiable hunger for art and a reckless itch to forge something real, I took a wild plunge into the deep end. Sure, I had two decades of graphic design scars, but this was different: a quest ignited by a mad spirit of adventure and a refusal to settle for mediocrity. 

Enter 2019. Downtown LA. The place was electric, teeming with the raw, unabashed creativity of muralists, fashion outlaws, and rogue filmmakers. The very air I breathed seemed spiked with inspiration. And amidst that intoxicating blend of chaos and charisma, my work evolved, grew bolder, sprawled out over bigger canvases. Hell, it wasn’t all sunsets and roses; I stumbled, messed up big time, lost some allies, but found some real ones in the rubble. 

I've still got this fire inside – a drive to create and a yearning to evolve. If the fates allow, I reckon I've got another 28 years to splash color and chaos on canvases before the lights dim and the fervor fades. 

Latest caper? "My Hip-Hop Story" – a children’s book born from the mind-meld between me and my partner-in-crime, Gil. We didn't stop there. Dive into our on-line store and you’ll find tees, prints, and oddball collectibles that tell our tale. 

In the frenzied madness of my art-infused life, there's a quiet harbor I find solace in – the embrace of my rock, Kim, and the chaotic joy brought by our motley crew of beasts: Bella, Jolie, and Chewy. They’re my daily dose of pure, unfiltered love and laughter. 

The Marathon Continues…