Frequently Asked Questions

1. What types of materials do you use in your artwork?

We use a variety of materials including aerosol sprays, acrylic markers, and mixed media. Each style utilizes different materials to create its unique look.

2. How does the process of getting a commission work?

When you reach out to us, we’ll send you an assessment. Answering these questions helps us determine if we're a good match. If we’re a fit, we’ll discuss your vision, preferred size, and details. We’ll then provide a timeline and cost estimate. Once you pay the deposit, we’ll get started and keep you updated throughout the process!

3. What styles of artwork do you offer?

We offer five distinct styles: Warp Speed, Street Dreams, Shake Well, Play, and Smiley Faces. Each style has its own unique characteristics and production times.

4. How long does it take to complete a commissioned piece?

The production time varies by style. Warp Speed and Smiley Faces take 2-4 weeks. Street Dreams and Shake Well take 4-12 weeks. Play takes 3-6 months.

5. Can I request a specific size for my commissioned piece?

Absolutely! Let us know the size you need, and we’ll create it. We’ll provide a cost estimate based on the dimensions and style you choose.

6. Do you offer any ready-made artwork for sale?

Yes, we have a catalog of ready-made pieces available. Our artwork isn’t publicly displayed, but if you’re serious about buying, we can arrange a personal viewing.

7. How can I view your portfolio?

Check out our portfolio on our website. It includes examples of all five styles and previous commissions. Take a look and get inspired!

8. Do you offer any other products featuring your artwork?

Yes! We offer posters, mugs, enamel pins, and T-shirts featuring our artwork. These are perfect for those who want to carry a piece of our art with them.

9. How do you determine the cost of a commissioned piece?

The cost depends on the style, size, materials, and time required. More intricate styles like Play are priced higher due to the time and detail involved.

10. Can I see your work in person?

Certainly! While our artwork isn’t publicly displayed, serious buyers can arrange a private viewing. Follow us on social media for updates on our events and pop-ups.

11. How can I get more information or stay updated?

You can sign up for our Wishlist and our Registration of Interest List. These lists give you early access to new pieces, special offers, and exclusive events. Just click the links to sign up and stay connected!

12. What styles of art can you do?

We have a detailed style guide that showcases all the styles of art we can create. To get your hands on this guide, sign up for our Registration of Interest List, and we'll send it your way.