I've been drawing since I was a kid, I use to draw my friends in comic strips getting into various situations like fighting or lizard hunting. You know, kid stuff. Back then and as it is now, whether it be drawing or painting, art has given me a way to express how I feel and give my imagination a way to roam free. The tools I use have changed over the years. When I was younger I use to draw a lot and in my teenage years I got into using spray paint. Also in my teenage years I had my first opportunity to use a computer with graphics applications on it. I believe it was a Macintosh and it was running Poser (a 3D computer graphics program) and I animated some letters with leaves blowing through them and I was instantly hooked. From then on I learned how to used Illustrator and Photoshop and began to experiment. And now I still experiment and learn to use new tools. Painting has become a passion of mine and it gives me a opportunity to use all of the skills I've picked of over the years from drawing to graphic design into one creative burst of energy.